'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

many moved by Bea Arthur

I guess she was an icon.

Sandi's first mention to me of being hot for a woman was, I believe, to being hot for Bea Arthur.

Me, here this afternoon, I gotta crank up the motivate, get myself moving. Inertia's been demonstrating itself comparatively too much in the body-at-rest tendency, vs. the kinetic variation.

Let's picture this icon Gertie creakily rising from her statuary roost, stretching out arms in a sideways yawny awakening, and hoppin' down offa there for a cruise around her park, brisker and brisker, ignoring all them New Yorkers who, astonished, start filming her with their phones and trying to persuade her to stop to sign a stony autograph.

(Okay she might pause if she encounters a big poodle.)
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