'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

atmospheric conditions weird

There's maybe no elucidating, for those who don't endure a long winter, the strangeness, for those who do, of being thrust overnight from the wet and cold of an entrenched early Spring into sudden summery heat. That happened here yesterday. Today, as I hear we will tomorrow too, we flirt with thunderstorms; they accentuate the intensity of the extremity of the change. I don't even have all my storm windows off yet.

Boy, the sky out there is an odd mix of bright and dark-cloudy.

I sorta wish I hadn't just laid around all day today, maybe got out into the world earlier. Have the last bowling session tonight. Dang, better get dressed.

Went out with some woman last night, as O might say, except she'd say "man" in that slot where the woman is. It was fun. There's something I notice about my own noticing, and it noticing how I'm behaving, and what I'm noticing, and how thinking today of the evening partly takes me to thinking of my own behavior, external and internal/cogitative. I wouldn't call it vigilance, but I think it may signal a not letting go of something. Something I'd like to let go of.

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