'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


I have a new hat.

Others, I thought in bed this morning, have new hats this weekend, too. Ones about which they could write a sonnet.

Neighbor Tom's out slopping the ducks.

In a few minutes Olivera & I will be off to the Northside, joined by we're-not-sure-whom, and then it's to the airport to pass her along to the next friend. Last night she & I went our separate ways, as I had bowling, while she and the boys from Toledo caught the last of the Andras Schiff Beethoven sonatas. No doubt that was somethin'. But I'm good with how I feel good about the night I took in an earlier installment in his project to do 'em all.

And today it's Easter, and no coincidence Spring is just about upon us.

"Can I just tell you one thing about God?" asked my bowling teammate last night.

"You can tell me whatever the hell you want," said I.

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