'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Eh. ---I mean, hey ho; let's go.

It's been sunny and gorgeous out this Saturday, just into the 50 degreeses. I've barely been out there in it & won't be, to speak of. Feel like I'm fighting off some kind of bug---swollen glands, sore throat---but am about to go out (more-or-less) on the town. Cuz I said I would. And maybe it'll be fun. Tomorrow's FestiFools, and it looks like that may mean standing around in the rain. Sure would prefer not to come down with something. Probably shouldn't get shit-faced, hunh.

Did some serious kitchen cleaning. The floor's still ghastly, but that's about all the ghastliness in that room at the moment. Unless you count the inside of the fridge. Which is only mildly ghastly, in a couple of spots.

My outdated browser, on this machine with the OS that doesn't support new iterations, seems less & less functional each week. It's about time for that move. About time, that is, to stop sucking at decision making in regard to that purchase & take a plunge.

Last week Polly sent me her list of busy dates for this summer. On the list is Utah Pride, which she calls "a gas," saying I should come for that. It's tempting, though my calendar already has something on it for that weekend. My imaginary calendar. Guess I could put it on my Google calendar. Keeping a calendar: pro or con? I think I think "pro," so long as it's not "cuz it's an absolute necessity."

Houseguest coming. That's on the imaginary and the Google calendars.

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