'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

March out

Decided to skip going through a rundown here of my favorites at this year's film festival. I'm not feeling the urge to (subject ya'll to or) note for myself which of the 50+ films are sticking with me in this denouement, and how. I'm still tired from taking them in, and from what seems weeks of insufficient sleep and insufficient though excessive self-medication. (I started to typo "self-meditation" there---which would maybe be worse to have weeks of, no?) I'm ready for April and new things. Let me just give a small shout-out to the one film I think I'm gladdest to've seen, which wasn't in competition: Emily Hubley's The Toe Tactic.

And I'll add that I enjoyed much of what went into the exhaustion, even if our film fest didn't have the kind of unbelievably fun-sounding action of this year's London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

April. Come, April. Any minute now.

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