'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Sunday Best; reelin'


I got out of bed this morning & threw on clothes to go downtown and give some money to WEMU, broadcasting from the lobby of the movie theater I'll be hitting yet again today. They're going to be giving me a CD; isn't that nice? I picked this one over the Cassandra Wilson, which I'd heard, or the Hound Dog Taylor.

Finally laid eyes on Dr. Arwulf, who looks exactly like you'd think, bizarre(ly) enough. Shook his hand. Handshaking is so funny. It's a fundamental gesture that's grabbed my attention and absorbed it for big chunks since before Neil Armstrong said that thing about the giant leap.

Took the day off from the film fest yesterday. Then drank a lotta beer at bowling & had a little afterparty & ended up reeling by crashtime anyway. "Reeling" was the word that occurred to me earlier yesterday to characterize how I've been feeling this week, no movie pun intended. Is "unreeling" more appropriate? Don't ask me.

I stalk the notorious. I play the mob game. In moments of stillness I sneeze, disappear for a minute, or see again the face of the even flirtier, now that she has a gf, pressing her body into mine. Then I'm walking through the doors to the Michigan again. I'll be there again in a few hours, to watch the winners, after the animation loop with the soundtrack added, and my little bits in there, on the big screen.

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