'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

tired from sneezing, i feel fortunate to sense little obligation to entertain

we had soup lunch at work. many varieties. i'm souped down. i'm not souped up. i'm not souped up like a bicycle with playing cards clothespinned to the spokes to make supercool sound effects, and sparkley plastic streamers coming out of the ends of the handlebars. i'm souped down, like ugh, whoa, i ate a lot of soup.

the carrot ginger was pretty good. i liked the corn chowder as well. the chicken noodle had excellent noodles. the beef in the beef stew was tough and grizzle-y; if there was a loser, that was it. i had some chili, too. and some multi-grain bread.

bert thinks i'm allergic to michigan. he says people come here and are allergic to it when they weren't allergic before. my eyes are so itchy and red-watery. nose runnin' like the frigidaire.

the sun does that thing today that makes it Spring. welcome, Spring.
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