'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

midweek boring-ass evening in the company of that lisa person again

I went ahead and watched "Lost," though I'm pretty much only going through the motions. How little I'm invested in the program became clear when I couldn't remember, during the last hiatus, whether the show had ended for good. Or I didn't care to remember.

Tonight my neck and shoulders hurt, as if I'd spent hours using muscles in them that I don't ordinarily use. Only I didn't. I feel a little intoxicated in the noggin, too, despite having engaged in no intoxication. That I know of.

Picked up the large print edition (first available) of a recommended mystery novel. Doesn't seem the time to start it, in this state. Seems more the time to go to sleep early.

Do these all feel about the same degree different to you? If not, which ones are the most different?

• being inside vs. being outside
• being in your own company vs. being in that of other humans or another human
• being in public vs. being in private
• being at work vs. being not at work
• being naked vs. being clothed
• being in silence vs. being in music
• being in the water vs. being on land, not in water
• being home vs. being not at home

It's a pretty apples-and-oranges query, I know. Recall that I feel a little intoxicated & inexplicably sore; perhaps I can't be responsible for myself in terms of coherence.

Hey, I may just be very tired. I don't know why I would be, but one doesn't, always.

• being awake vs. being asleep

--- that one used to be a lot more clear-cut.

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