'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Good night. And don't worry, I'm not turning into Suzi Orman. I hope. Or Imelda Marcos. Or ...

... whichever "Sex in the City" character most loves shoes.

One of my fellow Cancers sent me our horoscope for this week. It said all kindsa great things to which I thought "Yeah, right---so far the full moon's meant my basement's flooding and I'm feeling crazy isolated." I don't remember what it said, but I feel good stuff now. Real good. McG called as she was leaving work, late. She came over. We looked at the moon a little and then had a shoe party. I had several pairs of shoes in a big box in my living room, waiting for me to try them on. It's free! It's free to try on for size, that is. The cats thought it was fun, too. Everybody partied.

Nice shoes are a most interesting concept. Nice things in general---it's so fraught. Not just with my familial inheritance of caution and frugality, Depression-era worrywort Mom. Also with class issues. There's something wrong about spending lots of money on things that aren't needed and cost a lot, especially if they don't seem to need to be so expensive. You shoulda heard me going on to bigfinedaddy about the obscenity of $300 sunglasses that aren't even prescription glasses---that was one of my early (adult) outrages, when there are people starving. Such a business to negotiate, it is---how to be, in relation to money. It's as hard as how to be a woman, or how to be with women, or men, or neither, or both, or many.

Anyway I'm already doing this acquiring of a painting this coming weekend. I'd show you here, but I think you're gonna have to come to my place to see it. I think you are. I think I'm going to have to have a party for it or something. Will you come? You're invited. I'll tell you later when.

So, yeah, I'm gonna buy this watercolor I saw in a café, as I wrote to John today, "like a nut, all cavalier & non-utilitarian, here in these difficult economic times." And there's something about that. Money is very freakin' tricky, and there's something about that. Something liberating, and maybe not only okay in a selfish American way. And now, as I sit here writing to you in the middle of the night on a school night, I don't want to take off my shoes and go to bed, cuz I don't want to take off my shoes.

These shoes feel so good on my feet, I cannot tell you. These are some freakin' comfortable shoes. I can tell already that they will be forming themselves more and more to my feet. And guess what. No, guess. No, really, actually, truly, don't bother guessing, cuz you'd never guess this. Olja is going to be jealous of my shoes. I'm telling you. She is. That's so unreal, it's 3-sets-of-italics unreal.

Plus I'm probably keeping at least one other pair. Maybe two! HahaHAAAhahaahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

"All God's children need travellin' shoes."

I googled a quotation today that turned out to be from "30 Rock." And that part of the evening turns out to be among the very best.

If Venus retrograde has anything to do with any of this, optical illusion from our earthly POV that retrograding is, maybe she's bringing unusual opportunity as much as a possible mess. Or maybe it doesn't matter what's happening, when you remember how to be into it, that you can be into it.

I dunno about that, really, whatever the hell I'm saying there. But I know I like my new shoes.
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