'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i smell water

it's still raining. literally. and otherwise, but i didn't mean it that way. last several days my heart's surely let up more often than the sky. the internet says the sky is going to stop with this thing soon. i've been approving of the rain; just tonight, in some full-moon madness, i wished it to go on another fortnight, but it turns out i don't want that, cuz my basement's flooding.

see i went down there around midnight to look for a box labelled "stereo accessories," since it wasn't in the closet in olja's room, best i could tell. it ain't knee-deep (yet), or even ankle-, except right at the drain, but water covers plenty. it may well be backing up from the sewers. it also seems to be coming in from other places.

i did a little mopping and a good bit of bailing, but the best use of my energy seemed to be in rearranging. i emptied a few cardboard boxes whose bottoms were soaked. (yuck.) if the water rises above the two plastic boxes on which a cardboard one with pictures in it sits, i guess i'll find out the hard way which family photos, besides "grandparents in foam," are in there. it's not like robbie gives a rat's ass. "mom & dad stuff" seemed like maybe i didn't mean anything important by it, and, yeah, "holly's creative writing" being in the same box may have influenced the decision. really i just didn't want to be down there any more, once i saw there's no stemming the tide. guess i'll see how bad it gets when i see how bad it gets.

3/4 of the way down a column of boxes i was relocating, eureka: "stereo accessories." by gum if it didn't have in it the very thing i was hoping to find one of. the little bugger.

now i'm hungry. truck stop breakfast would be good. or hunter's breakfast--- the pre-hunt, middle-of-the-night breakfast buffet at the motel in my college town. (not a good deal if you don't eat meat.) better i just get horizontal & take my swollen-feeling brain to holy obliteration.
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