'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

ill-shod too long

[shoe picture]       

I've been looking at shoes. Those pictured above aren't among the 25 pair in my zappos.com shopping cart, but I think I favorited them. Along with, e.g., some Ugg boots I'll also very likely not buy.

I might winnow the cart down today, but I might go hit the DSW Shoe Warehouse first. My nod to giving Michigan's sad economy a chance at my shoe dollars.

It's another rainy day. As promised, water has slowly fallen from the sky all weekend, and now it's sloggy Sunday afternoon. I'm not going to go see the gay rabbi with Sarai tonight. I do have to stop by the library, which means visiting my watercolor. In another week it'll be mine at home.

"The L Word" ends tonight. It's such a sucky show. Watching it anyway is sort of like back when any movie with lesbians was a treat. Then we had that spell of lots and lots of movies with lesbians, and the luxury of being more particular. The movies with lesbians have fallen off. But that's not much of a reason not to be particular about pseudo-lesbian TV. I've just followed those insipid L Word women this far, so what the hell. I hear Alice may get a spin-off. Maybe that wouldn't be too bad.

Brenda reports that she & Mary have been disappointed at how relatively little sex there's been in this final season of the show. There is a way that the lotsa-sex last year was something of a saving grace. Sorta.

Lake Lisa is definitely forming in my front yard, the way it does. It's been hard to imagine the value of any shoes I've been looking at if they're not fairly waterproof. Mudlicious Mudville is upon me.

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