'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

into it

Yesterday I was going about the business here at work & saw yet another paper by S. S. Dragomir, one of the first mathematicians whose names I noticed popping up a lot, back when I was a newbie around here. Him and Donal O'Regan. So I got curious about the prolific S. S. and went nosing around about him a little. He's from Timişoara (hey, I used to know a guy from there), and now he's in Melbourne. What he's into? Inequalities.

Not being very mathy, I nonetheless opine that that's a cool thing to be into. I declare me into them too, albeit inequalities not equal to his. :)

His website throws up, at the bottoms of pages, dreamy-fuzzy images of certain inqualities, like

[one ineq img]

with links to pop-up math info about them via  [link image] .

He's into surf fishing, too.

[and another ineq img]

[another ineq img]
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