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Just opened a Valentine from Tommy. Black felt heart & crossbones, with mirrored jewely pink heart & red sequin stud [mixed media]. "Happy Valentine's Day or Else!" (jeweled exclamation point) Inside are lines from Richard Wright:

I am paying rent
For the lice in my cold room
And the moonlight too.

(Hey, that's a haiku.)

Was part of a four-top at the Northside this morning for the annual WEMU fundraiser. Didn't get a glimpse of Arwulf, though there was a rumor he'd been there. After that I spent much of the afternoon at the library, writing Starnes back, many weeks after her brief letter.

I wasn't brief.

She was the one I filled journal after journal for, when I was 15 (& 16 & 17 & 18) and needed an audience in ways I couldn't know. Seems lots of us have a high school teacher who was Big that way. Is it usually an English teacher? Oh for the adult who's not in your family & who talks to you as if you're a sentient being of a sympathetic variety. And here's to the crazy great aunts, too, or any sufficiently removed adult woman who does what those crazy great aunts and high school teachers do.

These days I often seem to have on my mind what you might call my relationship to socializing. It's gone through some changes over the years, that's for sure. I'm not sure where it stands now. It's been a while since it's settled into something comfortable for a spell.

I think I should have a social secretary. I should go to change.gov and suggest that the stimulus create and fund the job of my social secretary. While they're working out the bureaucratic stuff, I'll start thinking about what she'll do. I definitely have some responsibility I'd like to lay off on her.

(At least I don't need a babysitter?)

Davi was online last night in the middle of the night, when I was too. We exchanged a coupla short ones, and when I sat back afterwards I had this kind of recollection recognition of what a force she was with me. A loomer. Is that a word? One who looms?

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