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beats workin'?

Thank you for choosing our secure EarthLink chat. All agents are currently assisting other customers. Thank you for your patience. You are number '2' of '2' customers in line. Your estimated wait is '0' minutes and '2' seconds.
Chat Information
Hello and welcome to EarthLink's secure live chat. You are chatting with Thomas B..
Lisa: Hello. I want to cancel my account. The link to cancel brings up a page of policies and agreements. How do I cancel the account?
Thomas B.: What type of service do you currently have with Earthlink? Is it Dial Up, DSL or Cable High Speed Internet?
Lisa: dial-up
Thomas B.: Unfortunately as a Sales agent I am unable to assist you with your request. Would you like me to transfer you to our Customer Service chat so someone there can assist you?
Lisa: yes, please
Chat Information
Please wait while I transfer your chat to the appropriate agent.
Chat Information
You are now chatting with 'Nick D' .
Nick D: Hello Lisa. I will assist you with the cancellation procedure.
Lisa: hello, Nick D. I want to cancel my account. The link takes me to a page of policies.
Lisa: ah, yes. thanks.
Nick D: Please let me know your EarthLink email address.
Lisa: xxxxxxxxxxxx@earthlink.net
Nick D: Thank you.
Lisa: yw
Nick D: Please let me know the security word on your account, which appears to be your xxxxxxxx, for verification purposes.
Lisa: xxxxxx
Nick D: Thank you for the verification information.
Lisa: certainly
Nick D: May I know the reason which has prompted you to cancel the account?
Nick D: Sure.
Lisa: i got high speed access recently.
Lisa: part of a package with cable tv (which i hadn't had in many years)
Lisa: (it's a different world now, that's for sure)
Lisa: (ha)
Nick D: Have you considered an EarthLink high speed Internet connection? EarthLink offers both Cable and DSL high speed services. Let's check and see what's available in your area. This way you can keep your same email address and features.
Lisa: too late, nick d.
Lisa: sorry.
Lisa: i did look at earthlink's offerings, though, fwiw.
Lisa: :)
Lisa: please let's just get on with the cancellation, without further ado.
Lisa: ;)
Nick D: Okay.
Lisa: thanks.
Lisa: i mean, not that i have anything in principle against ado.
Nick D: We have a dial-up plan that allows you to keep your ELNK email address and many of the features you currently enjoy for only $9.95 a month.
Nick D: Keep your ELNK email address (up to 8 mailboxes) with 10 hours of dialup access monthly.
Nick D: With this limited dial up service, you can keep it as back up to your high speed service.
Nick D: Will this work for you?
Lisa: nope, i want to cancel the whole she-bang.
Lisa: honest.
Lisa: i ain't tellin' no lie.
Lisa: i understand you gotta give it a shot, but i won't be swinging at any of these pitches.
Lisa: haha
Nick D: Okay.
Nick D: Are you interested in maintaining your email address so that you’ll still be able to keep in touch with your friends and associates?
Lisa: nope.
Nick D: With EarthLink Premium Mail you can keep your email address even if you change Internet service providers. The annual plan for 12 months is only $29.88 ($2.49 a month), which saves you $17.52 per year, and there's no early termination fee! Or, you can sign up for the monthly plan for just $3.95/month.
Lisa: please stop pitching, nick
Lisa: it's getting a tad annoying
Nick D: As you are a long standing customer, I will give you two months free email service to check out the benefits and thereafter $3.95 per month with no commitment. Will this work for you?
Lisa: NO
Lisa: it won't work for me
Nick D: Sorry, but I need to confirm your needs in every aspects before closing the account.
Nick D: Once the account is cancelled, all the email addresses and all the emails of that mailbox stored on our server will be lost.
Lisa: my need is for you to cancel the account, and i know the email will be gone
Nick D: I see that the end of bill cycle date on the account as 7th of every month. Let me inform you that accounts are set to close at the end of the current cycle. We don't prorate charges. Shall I go ahead and process your cancellation request?
Lisa: YES
Lisa: please do
Nick D: Thank you for confirmation.
Lisa: (phew)
Nick D: Please give me a moment while I process your cancellation request and provide you the confirmation number for your documentation purpose.
Lisa: okee-doke
Nick D: Okay.
Nick D: Thank you so much for being on hold.
Nick D: I've taken care of canceling your service as of 02/07/09 your last charge date was 01/09/09.
Nick D: For your records the Cancellation Confirmation number is 144096634.
Nick D: Can you provide me with an alternate email address so that we can send a cancellation confirmation email to you within the next two weeks?
Lisa: no thank you.
Lisa: you have a good rest of your day, nick d.
Lisa: i am now officially cancelled, correct?
Lisa: nick d, you there?
Lisa: nick d, nick d
Lisa: i sing the song of nick d
Lisa: "in the nick of time
Lisa: just the two of us
Lisa: waiting on the line"
Lisa: it's one of those cheesy '70s duets.
Lisa: nick, i begin to think you're just not that into me.
Nick D: Yes, I am with you.
Lisa: so i'm good to go?
Nick D: Sorry for the delayed response.
Lisa: 'sokay
Nick D: Yes, the account was officially cancelled.
Lisa: thanks a bunch.
Lisa: g'afternoon.
Lisa: and g'bye.
Nick D: And the cancellation confirmation number is 144096634.
Lisa: rock on.
Nick D: Can you provide me with an alternate email address so that we can send a cancellation confirmation email to you within the next two weeks?
Lisa: no, sorry, nick d.
Lisa: bye now.
Nick D: Okay.
Nick D: I understand.
Lisa: kewl.
Lisa: take care.
Lisa: b'bye.
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