'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"expression is the need of my soul." -- archy

i'm in remission with the expression myself, but i'm reminded of the idea today.

was hardly online at all this weekend.

i have some vague and partly visceral feeling that i'm in a state of things building up, and that i'm maybe, perhaps unwisely, keeping them from spilling over or exploding out by limiting what i add, vs. letting loose. and you know, honestly, i really have nothing specific in mind when i say that, nor even a category of thing(s). it's a vague expression of a vague sensation that's a little bit physical, and subtly on the radar of my consciousness, but in a most fuzzy focus.

it's groundhog day. happy groundhog day, everyone. dreampower watches the movie every year. it's a great movie. don't think i'd like it as much at a rate of once a year. that might be a little too like bill's experience in the film. i stopped watching Holiday every year on new year's after seeing it at that frequency stopped feeling like a celebratory revisiting. gotta pace my faves, with the movies, i think, and there's some flux.

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