'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

ignominious physiognomy

Sure can't seem to lose the knot in my stomach. I'm a walking laboratory of psychosomatics.

Yeah, yeah---the physiog. isn't actually ignominious; it's just that the words (both of which I learned from The Scarlet Letter) go together so well. Like in that Paul McCartney song (sing to the tune---can you pick the proper Beatles number?):

These are words that go together in perverse harmony
My Physiognomy

Sont les mots qui sont comme le noeud dans mon estomac
Mon estomac

Pomme de terre, pomme de terre, pomme de terre---
My favorite words in French
They're so much happier
Than mon 'stomac, gonflant le coeur, et les pensées torturées

Tags: poetry, songs

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