'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

glitchy and/or dead

this is day two with my borrowed work computer. seems the systems guy is having a hard time bringing me the improvement needed because they harvested a part from my machine to run somebody else's better. oh, wait---while i was typing that, he came around to say he thinks he's got it good to go. gonna set me up for tomorrow.

the whole shebang of our database crashed on the main server the other day. they restored it from tape, and it sounds like they'd rather not do that again. i'm picturing crinkled ribbon from a crushed cassette in the street.

people have been speaking of the retrograde mercury goin' on. and this morning my cell phone died. motorola v360, you served me well.

[pic of phone]

i've been trying to concentrate on getting some work done, but i keep switching to tweaking the blog colors. decided it's time to let go of my old-lady-house-wallpaper wallpaper. but here's the square if any of ya'll want to grab it:

[old-lady-house-wallpaper wallpaper square]

(no? you don't like the old wallpaper wallpaper?)

uh-oh. they're shutting down something again in a minute.

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