'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

worst show on public radio?

I usually think it's "Talk of the Nation," which is maybe a dark horse candidate in any broad survey of most-despised public radio offering, but it can annoy the bejeebus out of me. But the "What Do You Know?" guy has to be the worst. Those are two shows I happen into and particularly want to make stop. I also turn off the Thistle & Shamrock pretty quick. Generally I can't take much of that music at all.

Lotsa people hate Garrison Keillor, but he's not in my bottom 3.

Gonna go for a walk in a bit. Record high temps for these parts today---it may reach 60 F. And it's thick with fog, even as afternoon is underway. With the foot of snow on the ground, seeping water until it freezes up again tonight, and the white and grays and blacks all diffused by the fuzzy air, it could make for a surreal stroll. Later the wind is expected to whip up, and there could be thunderstorms, at an unlikely time of year for them.

All of Oahu was without electricity last night because of an unseasonable storm; it took a while for them to power back up. The President-Elect, as you may know, is down there being shirtless and eating shaved ice.

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