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The occasional squirrel, I think I've mentioned before, finds its way down the slick piece of curved metal I got dumpster diving at student move-out and adapted (sweetly, I think) to hold my birdfeeder to the magic branch in front of the window in front of me now. It started when I got some bird seed with some cherry syrup stuff that makes it smell. No boon to the birds, that flavoring---now they have competition. I had only that one batch of the smelly stuff, but the draw of the seed and the knowledge they can, with adroitness, get at it seem to have spread among the squirrels, possibly through folklore. (Yeah, quibbler, simple observation might be in the mix, too.) (P.S. You're no fun.)

I like squirrels, but they can eat up a lot of bird seed, and I have fallen into resentment at their doing that with mine. Sometimes if I'm sitting here and an intrepid tailed rodent makes its way down the pole, I scare it off by making noise. I did that a little earlier with one such squirrel, but then the cats and I noticed, as it sat on the branch above, that it had physical signs of possible trauma: the fur on one side of half its tail was gone.

My first thought was heck, let it have seed, I can keeping tramping out in the foot of snow, no big deal, I buy giant bags of seed, whatever, chill out, Lisa. Poor thing's been through something. Then I realized that this squirrel I might be able to recognize, at least until the fur grows back, if it does, and so I oughta give it a name. Its lopsided tail looks a bit like the end of a feather--- the long kind people use as quill pens in costume pictures about well-to-do French people with wigs and extremely uncomfortable-looking clothing.

The other named squirrel in these parts may have finally died, after at least 4 years. That one, Mr. Spot, had/has a white spot in the middle of its back. I've watched Spot, through the seasons, play, eat, investigate, and make & tend a nest in a sad-lookin' scrappy pine tree I didn't much care for 'til I came to know it as the location of Spot's place.

I wonder whether Mr. Spot is still out there. Haven't seen him since early fall.

It makes a difference when they no longer all look alike, when there's at least one you can tell apart from the rest. I kinda want to study some of Feather's fellows now, see if I can't note distinguishing features of a more subtle stripe in some of them.

Merry Christmas, btw.

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