'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

if not for cranky

Awful quiet out there in blogland. Thank goodness fer crankyasanoldma.

We're closing early today at Math Reviews. I'll probably stick around just a little, unless the server problems are as bad as predicted (the Systems guys are up to something). There's ice to be dealt with on the stoop at home, and I already have milk and bread and toilet paper, and have been to the library, so it's pretty much the ice next, and then hangin' with the kitties.

Maybe I'm projecting, but Humphrito and Manfredo sure seemed to enjoy me hanging around the house so much last week. I couldn't sit for long without one or the other climbing up to sleep on top of me. Humphrey even thinks he should be held while I'm trying to type. I sometimes oblige, sucker that I am, and we're ever refining techniques for him to be purring and warm while I retain asdf-jkl; access.

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