'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

vacation in Ypsi and at my house, and a rant

So it's the end of my week off work, except for the weekend, which I'd have had off anyway. Well I'd have had today off too, anyway, because of the snow, but it's still the Friday of the week I took off not to go anywhere, really. But yesterday I had a vacation excursion: I spent the day in Ypsilanti. I started out taking my rolled pennies to the bank to trade for foldy money, and then I blew the whole $14.50, and then some, in the great knock-around town I've been neglecting to enjoy.

Highlights included hanging at the new café downtown, Beezy's, with a BLT & super-yummy lattes; spending an hour in Gail's World of Rocks; and finally getting around to visiting the architectural salvage place, Materials Unlimited. That place is so visually rich, with the twinkling light and glass and metal and wood---it's an eyeball wonderland. If you're not moneyed, you're probably not gonna buy much, but it's fun to look. They have a doorknob set I just love, and of all things I especially liked some lighting fixtures from the old Hill Auditorium and from U of M's Phoenix Laboratory---these are those latter:

I wasn't hungry enough for fried pickles or a cheesesteak or hippie hash, so I rounded out my evening at the Ypsi Library, and headed back to Ann Arbor. My Ypsi vacation: thumbs up.

Tonight I'm going into town for the local opening night of Milk. It probably won't be as hubbubby (hubbub-y) with the snow as it would've been without, but I want a fix of uppity queer energy. The Rick Warren thing sucks, and as much as it sucks itself, it sucks to hear straight talking heads (and talking throats, or whatever they are on the radio) go on about whether or not it's an offensive choice. Asked whether I think sports team names like "Redskins" are offensive, I remember feeling I'd hit on something when I wanted to say "Don't ask me--- ask Native Americans." After all, if I declare something inoffensive when it's not me it offends, or my sensibility or culture or subculture, what's that worth? It's not just worth nothing--- it's worth less than that. Something negative. Something down in the shitty end of the number line of offensiveness. Potentially adding its own offense. Like that.

You don't ask the other preachers who are more and less homophobic whether that guy's homophobia is offensive. You ask the queers. Jesus B***-F***ing Christ. And you ask us whether we feel betrayed by Obama picking him to do the prayer kickoff. Which you don't even have to do, cuz we're already telling you: a lot of us do.

I feel like I've had to bear feeling disappointed by Obama on queer things all along---just saw again how I'd emailed his campaign a month after he declared, in early '07, to complain about how hedgey his website was on LGBT issues. I got a response, and it was okay, but it weren't no great shakes. We've been marginalized by his campaign all along and effectively asked to set aside our concerns for those of the greater (broader) good. But whatever accomplishment this choice is meant to achieve, symbolic or otherwise, I refuse to believe that it should be okay with us. It sure ain't okay with me. And if Harvey were alive now, even having seen how far we've come, I bet it wouldn't be okay with him either.

Today's choice for Secretary of Labor was encouraging, but gawd. I hate having to shake off something like Warren to maintain enthusiasm for the inauguration. It should be a big party, Bush getting on a helicopter and leaving for his new home in that once-all-white suburb. We can't save more of the cringing for later?
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