'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


I've been going through email in prep for dumping my old ISP/webmail. As of a few minutes ago I'd gotten all the Sent and Rec'd I may keep, or haven't gone through yet, sorted into folders. That's not counting whatever stuff was downloaded, 5+ years ago, into the email program on this machine.

I have been reading some of it as I go, but some I just dispatch into cybernothingness, unopened. There's painful stuff; there's delightful stuff; there's boring stuff. Some of the delightful is a little painful; little of the painful is at all delightful. Ain't that how that can be?

Anyway, speaking of the transition from Earthlink, if you wanna see (or take another look at) my attempt at making a website (with frames, which were already outdated at the time), click here for a flashback to the rah-rah-"we"-bought-a-house tale, from 2003. It'll be biting the dust when I cancel that account.

(The easter egg is Bert's clickable head.)

Hey, what the hell, right?  "All things go; all things go." --Sufjan

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