'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Sunday don't go to meetin'

I did that today. So what I was wearing must have been my Sunday-don't-go-to-meetin' clothes, right? I started out to go to a meeting but it was cancelled. It was a political meeting. I had been looking yesterday, though, at what the Unitarians agree they believe, and thinking how it didn't seem so bad, as those things go, their list.

The President-Elect was on "Meet the Press" on my DVR today. That also didn't seem so bad. Seemed so much less bad. What he was saying, that is, and that the President is gonna be ---well. It seems very much not so bad. I still like watching him say boring things, to absorb it some more.

Oh, what else... had good chatting w/T at the coffee shop, hit the gym, zipped through the grocery store right before it closed. A pretty good day. Been having stretches of what I might call letting myself go, and I like it.

Look, it's December 8th, since it's past midnight now. Time was when I thought December 8th was an unlucky date. And times will surely come again when I go to that kind of magickal thinking, if only cuz I can, if only for the sake of that exercise.

CURRENT MUSIC: If you don't already read disclaimerwill, check out his latest post for an .mp3 release not to be missed.
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