'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

maybe a movie later. day after Thanksgiving.

I have a bit of a cold, which sucked yesterday. Had a Thanksgiving I was going to attend; didn't know how much I'd been looking forward to it until it became clear I shouldn't go.

Wonder what grocery store around here is most likely to have cheap instant-leftovers, drastically marked down. Thanksgiving leftovers are a fine part of the traditional holiday. Used to love me a hunk of turkey with a dash of salt on white bread with mayo, or (Mom's way) butter. Well, technically Mom's way was margarine. "Oleo," as Grandma once knew it. Also, with a microwave, I assert, a thrown-together variety plate of the usual mushy items can be a real delight.

Did get the DVR down below 40% (storage capacity). That included knocking off 3 or 4 episodes of "Greensburg," which had a mini-marathon yesterday. It's the reality chronicle of the rebuilding of Greensburg, Kansas, after the huge tornado in 2007. As reality chronicles go, it's pretty slow, and some of the townsfolk I dislike, or just don't find interesting, so I do skip ahead here and there. But I never miss those all-too-arty establishing shots, often in time lapse, of clouds roiling behind a silhouette of a piece of farm equipment, or a stark ruin of a tree, or hand-lettered and tacked-up replacement street signs at the intersection of, say, Kansas and Main; the sun making its way across the sky over, Lordy, a bit of old cement slab and a big swirly hay bale; even a laughably oblique angle through old wagon wheels in front of the little antique shop run by that woman I know I'd hate. I love the super-long-shot gazes from above, too, at the strange grid of the squares of the blocks of the town, or the whole swath of the area, with that bit of lake up in the distance. And seeing the new watertower in there now, these past few episodes, really is a kick. The show often comes back from commercial with a few of these shots; if I see one zipping by on fast-forward, I hit that back-up-half-a-minute button every time, as long as I have to, not to lose a cheesy second.

Something seems obvious out there that doesn't seem so obvious elsewhere, or some of elsewhere. It's something about how empty it all is, and how people (have to) establish what they establish, what stands above the ground and becomes what there is to inhabit. And, yeah, the wind blows it all away, and they go about establishing again. It's no surprise that they would, since that's how it already seems things are.

I'm not talking about any heroically work-ethic pioneer-spirit elbow-grease philosophy of bootstraps and self-sufficiency, though those attitudes are decidedly present in the culture of the rural Plains, and without them a lot of stuff surely wouldn't get done, even with all the God. I'm talking about an underlying idea of things being what you make them, the world you create from what you can glean. Vs. finding what's already out there and inhabiting it. Yep, I'm thinking metaphorically, and of a fundamental truth that's easy to forget. Both are true, or both work with how things work, but this one feels both hazier and deeper, or deeper for being so hazy, unless you live where it's so obvious that it's the other idea you lose touch with, or never get much ahold of to begin with.

So, right, I might go to the movies, I was gonna say. Usually I go ahead & work the day after Thanksgiving. Lord knows I'm not gonna be camping out before dawn in the Best Buy parking lot, cold or no cold. But having the day off somehow makes it seem more like a movie theater evening.

Milk will open at the Michigan on the 19th, so I might hold out for that then, instead of driving to Royal Oak or one of the 33 other theaters it plays tonight, in these cities, in order of how far away from here they are, at least according to MovieFone's sense of direction:

Chicago, IL
Toronto, ON
Bethesda, MD
Washington, DC
Saint Louis, MO
Philadelphia, PA
Voorhees, NJ
New York, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA
Brookline, MA
Cambridge, MA
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Denver, CO
Aventura, FL
Miami Beach, FL
Scottsdale, AZ
San Diego, CA
Hollywood, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Sherman Oaks, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Bellevue, WA
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA

bigfinedaddy read that Soul Man has been softened in post-production (probably to its detriment, it is generally felt) to temper jokes on the characters of the recently-deceased Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, as if it's distasteful for them to be too trash-talked or somethin', seein' as how they just died. But the movie might be worth checking out anyway. Rachel Getting Married is still kicking around, and I keep hearing it's not wedding porn schlock, despite the title. Hmm. I might even go for James Bond or teen-girl vampire love just to get me out of the house & away from the remote.

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