'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Thanksgiving Eve

A little earlier I happened on something I'm thankful for: that I have some small shred, some inner core, of self-respect.

I'm thankful for the pleasant bit of evening I've had tonight, though it required turning off, for a while, the stream of slowly unfolding news from Mumbai. I'll be hearing a lot about that nightmare on the BBC overnight in bed in a few minutes, I'm sure. I imagine they'll have some efficient, pointed reporting, the BBC. They're not shy. And they still fancy they know a bit about India. Colonialism notwithstanding, they do know a lot more than NBC News, fer instance. And they've got people on the ground, you just know it.

schroederjt said, "I am now about to collapse in a heap and be thankful for things like living in a city that is not being over run by gunmen and having tomorrow off." It is just horrible. We'd just this afternoon been hearing that New York is supposed to be especially afraid or on guard or whatever about public transport. These disasters of man are scary in a different way from the disasters of the weather, the disasters of the host planet.

When I was a kid I wanted to live through a revolution. But I'm a sheltered American, and I know I don't know the first thing about that kind of violence. To me bloody streets are where the guy was shot next door to Denise's in Flatbush, outside the convenience store, or somewhere in Baltimore that was almost always a few blocks to the east or west of where I was living, though not always---there was the shooting across the street on Linden right after the school bus had gone through. And now I live where the city crime map is published once a month, and a homocide is most rare. A purple diamond kind of thing we almost never see. I do believe it's quite common that we go more than a year without one.

How far could I possibly bring myself to go in fighting social injustice, in fighting the violence of class? My young self would be chagrinned at how bad a bet my older self is that way.

I'd been thinking of posting a cut or two of the calm Ottmar Liebert I accidentally had on earlier and found just the ticket. Too sleepy now. But lazy days coming, or lazy daze, as Tom would have it.

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