'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

God, no.

One of the bowling lesbians on my team asked me in the parking lot after the game whether I pray. Muscles all over me tightened slightly. I indicated that I don't, to speak of. A little stronger than that, but not flat-out "I'm an atheist who generally prefers not to be involved in conversations about God with Christian believers, in case you're thinking of going there." Whatever I said, it didn't stop her from sharing about her art, and how it's good only when it's for Him, not her. She also said it scares her, the art, or something about it. Shit, me too, thought I.

She wants me to email her so she can send me images of some of her works (depicting lighthouses, for instance). I don't think I'm going to. I sure hope I'm not going to.

Help me out here. Friends don't let friends email Christian bowling team members who want to send Him-related art, even if the friends who would be emailing are going to have to see the Christian bowling team members again in a coupla weeks.

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