'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

If you also couldn't make the book tour

Alison B's got a video of her Essential Dykes To Watch Out For tour talk & slide show online here.

She says: "I've had a hard time getting it up for this book tour ... because, in addition to doing this work for 25 years, I've been talking about it for 25 years, and I'm so tired of hearing myself talk about this work---you know, assimilation, and internalized homophobia, and lesbian invisibility, and identity--- I just--- I can't bear it. So I asked myself, 'What could I get it up for? What would interest me to talk about on this book tour?' and I decided it would be sex.

"So I'm going to leave out all the politics and the cultural analysis, and I'm just gonna talk about Dykes to Watch Out For through the lens of the characters' sex lives. Okay? So, we can turn the lights out now."

Commence slide show retrospective & talk.

P.S. "So... to be intimate or not to be? That's always been Ginger's question, and I think the central question of the comic strip, and certainly of my life, but Ginger, I think, by the end of the book, is ---she seems to be going for it."

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