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apples and cheeses: a ramble

So far it's a weekend, Sisters and Brothers and Sista Bruthas.

I've got some soul on right now, but earlier I was listening to a little Saffire, the Uppity Blues Women. Saw them at the Ark last night. I'd last seen them over 20 years ago, at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Gaye recalled that that was the night they got locked in, at the museum. Apparently after the show they were trapped for a while in the courtyard.

Her talking about that was before she came out to show us tattoos. *grin*

It was that kind of night, somehow.

Ann thought I looked remarkably like somebody, and asked Gaye, "Who's she remind you of?" Gaye couldn't think who. Ann said, "Only the best psychologist ever." Gaye looked at me. "It's the hair," she said. I fluffed it. "There's nothing like a good psychologist," said I.

Let me add that the audience at the Ark was especially pleasing. *grin redux*

Earlier squirrelykat and I had stopped by our co-worker's for champagne to Obama and the new day. Tonight McG & I read Tommy's letter about his experience of Election Night in DC. Yeah, I'm capitalizing it. It gets capitalized, this time. Cuz it was a hell of a night.

Poll #1298247 Did you cry?

Did you cry on Election Night when it was called for Barack?


January 20th is going to be one for the books, babies.

- + = + -

Who on my flist (or otherwise reading here) does not know about apples and cheeses? Apples and cheeses, together. 'Tis the season. Michigan is Apple Country. So's Virginia---isn't that funny? And Washington, of course. Yes, apples and cheeses, and one of the cheeses is the soft white orange-cheesecloth-rinded Port Salut. Maybe it's even the only cheese. The apple slices are like crackers. The cheese goes on the apple. Enjoy!

I bet susanstinson's done this one from way back. How about lovelikeyeast? A very good bet. If you're somebody who hasn't, though, and you enjoy food, this is me making a suggestion I feel confident is worth your while to give a whirl.


- + = + -

Almost forgot to mention, I was there in the cold rain at the "Stop the H8" equal rights rally in town this afternoon, down at the post office, where we do this sort of thing, and then on the march. Marriage, schmarriage---those voters in California took away a right that had been granted, and people all over the country today were saying that sucked.

It seemed right to be out in the streets again today, to answer this call. Drive-by honkers delighted the crowd. As the parade went down Main, I kept holding my sign up to the people inside the businesses, and that was fun. And there were a good number of folks from out of town here today, for the U football game, which had gotten out not long beforehand. Some of them were getting an eyeful of those queers they'd heard were in Ann Arbor, in this small throng. What did it want? Equal rights. When did it want them? Now.

Some of you have heard me say it, but years ago I was struck by my friend Suzanne's comment, when we were bemoaning how the "movement" seemed to be moving toward prioritizing the rights to be in the military and to marry. These were not rights she or I found of particularly high priority, personally. Quite the opposite, really. But she said, and it is one way of looking at it, "We have to have the right to make our own mistakes."

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