'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

fall back

I was just thinking how it's getting dark so early now, and how these weekend days can get away from me. It's only gonna get more so, and with one big leap tomorrow, with the rescinding of Daylight Savings Time. Did you know there's such a thing as "sleep hygiene"? Part of being hygienic that way is being circadianally in synch with the daylight. That lifestyle does seem to have benefits. I contemplate it. Perhaps I'll experiment with practicing it. A time like this oughta be about the easiest shot one gets at trying it on.

So, what's goin' on. I'm watching the TV a lot. Did pretty much catch up the week-neglected kitchen today, and have laundry going. The election--- it's sitting there on Tuesday, and we're getting closer to it, to the close of polls & the first returns, as the countdown clock on CNN is keeping everybody posted. "It's literally hours away," said Candy Crowley. She mentioned that you could actually count the hours now. Guess Arthur hasn't yet explained to her the countably infinite.

Barack Obama told Rachel Maddow she was cruisin' for a bruisin'. She actually came at him from the left, some, which was great to see. He was basically joking with her about how annoyingly centrist he is. Oh that the middle move left, like it looks like it might be gonna! Nationalist worshippers of homogeneity and their fictitious "America" may have a harder time soon. Less sway. Less power. Corporate power, I'm sure, will barely feel it, whatever happens, but this is the time to fantasize that a mosquito bite or two might get to that tragedy, too.

I sense that I'm mixing metaphors ridiculously much. I trust that you can live with it, or you've stopped reading.

I think I'll print me a U.S. map with no states colored in and keep score on it on election night. I'll spot the other guys Utah and Kansas and go ahead and put Hawaii and Maryland in our camp. But maybe instead of red and blue I'll use gray and multi-colored.

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