'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

it's time

This morning it was as if the trees were deciding today's the day. Almost no breeze, but all kindsa trees, at home and near the office, dropping leaves, straight down, like gentle, steady rain. My car was half-buried in green ones the cats had been watching fall from the elm(?) in the thicket of buckthorns.

Last night I watched politics on TV all night, at the same time I watched the end of the World Series, while sneaking in a "King of the Hill" and a fast-forward through Ellen DeG, too. (Have decided she's boring, on her talk show, after a 3- or 4-day sample.) (Dancing included.) (It's cute, but every day? the same dancing, the same route, the same Ellen-happy straight women? Either they're crazy about her or they really like knowing what to expect.) So, yeah, I saw Obama's infomercial, his appearance on Jon Stewart, and his late-night rally with Bill Clinton, and caught Rachel Maddow too (Barack's on with her tonight). I'm getting a little tired of it---the TV, the politics on TV---but I can't stop watching.

And now I know what people are talking about when they refer to needing to clear out their DVRs, and the kind of draw/focus this chore/pleasure provides. I've got to work out a healthier relationship with my DVR, even though we may not be in for it long-term. An introductory rate is a sort of honeymoon with cable. And we are going at it almost every night.

After the election, though, I suspect I'll be a bit less tied to the box. To think the transition may be just to a TV-politics vacuum, not a devastation--- it's heady stuff to dare to imagine.

Meanwhile I keep checking electoral map projections. I think 270towin is run by right-wingers, but one thing I like about that site is that you can see past Presidential election results going back, like, all the way. Use that pull-down menu at the top of the map. You can track how the generally Republican-red and Democrat-blue turf has pretty much flip-flopped in the last century. Except with Kansas. The stubborn buggers.

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