'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

rain delay

That was pretty exciting last night, the cold pouring rain on the possibly-deciding game of the World Series. If Tampa Bay hadn't tied it, they coulda had the whole season end with a whimper, as that field got worse and worse, and the requisite 5 had been played, making the game official.

I like extreme-condition football, for variety, but in baseball it's not so good.

After the first two games of this Series I thought my interest in the whole business had died. Darkness was overcoming me, along with the horrors of recognizing that darkness was overcoming me. As it turned out, and as the ceiling of cloud cover lifted a little, with Jamie Moyer's game I got back into it. He was an Oriole way back when; now he's really old. As in only 5 years younger than I.

Do you remember when you first realized that, say, there were professional baseball players younger than you? That you were older than all the Miss America contestants? That Buddy Holly died 5 years younger than your sorry ass that still hadn't accomplished a dang thing in this life to speak of but surviving? That you were too old to join the military, old enough to run for President if you were born in the U.S., etc.? These are funny ways to gauge where one is in life, but there they are.

So Game 5 is supposed to continue tonight, but the rain in Philly looks like it's gonna go on for quite a while. As it is the game's supposed to pick up with the bottom of the sixth and a pinch hitter for the pitcher, who was Philly's ace.

This is the first time a World Series game has been suspended.

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