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baseball, hotdogs-applepie-chevrolet ("real" america), etc.

"I've never seen such hatred." That's what James Dobson apparently said of how Sarah Palin's being treated by the un-real Americans. Remarkable, no? Cuz I have the feeling James Dobson's been around a lot of hatred.

I'm gonna listen to that, or as much as I can stand of it, in a few minutes. But I've also got to catch up on that that Palin-as-President page, which I just heard today is being updated daily until the election.

- + -

The World Series starts tonight. I'm not sure I'll be for the Phillies. I may not know 'til I see the two teams out there for a few minutes. There was this relief pitcher in Game 7 of the ALCS who saved the Rays' butt, and I sure liked him.

[david price pic 1]   [david price pic 2]

And I sorta like that a bunch of them got mohawks, and that they've got some non-superstars too. Plus there's that pull of AL loyalty I mentioned before. But there's also the fact that they used to be the Devil Rays. Dropping the "Devil" was officially about making a break from the earlier years of the team (all of a decade, maybe), but c'mon. The "Rays" would be better if they'd been called that all along, and played against the Bobs and the Eddies.

I've never been to Tampa Bay, but I'm surely more a Philadelphia type. Utley's a cutie in this shot, isn't he? For a conventional-looking white guy?

[utley head shot]

But enough such yammering for now. Baseball tonight.

- + -

My eyelids keep twitching. They've been doing it for weeks. Well, it was only one eye until a few days ago. I've been good about sleep for a few nights now, and I'm limiting the caffeine, as these factors are supposedly often accountable for the annoying & weird phenomenon.

Bertoni says twitching eyes, according to her mother, means I'm going to be seeing something soon. A figurative sort of seeing, I presume. And now that it's going on with both eyes, I may be in for quite the revelation. Something more than whether I'm going to be disloyal and root for Philly, even though they're not playing the Yankees.
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