'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I may root Nat'l League. That'll be weird.

I got cable just in time to watch some baseball this year. Apart from attending a Tigers game before the tragic loss of (the soul of) Pudge (if he ever had a soul to begin with, which one must doubt, given his willingness to go Evil), I haven't been following the sport. And with a DVR it's tempting to speed up the game, which undoes much of its pleasure---not just the leisure and the tension of the pace, but all the little stuff you see/hear between pitches. And it undermines a sense of connection to & a better understanding of what's going on & what a player or a team is like. Might need to make a point of watching the Series live, so's to be in the moment with it.

I feel no fondness for Tampa Bay. If Boston hangs in there to get past them, I may have some ambivalence during the Series, cuz I like some of those guys, and now they're rid of Manny Ramirez, who may be big with Dodgers fans but left me struggling to like anything about L.A., apart from Nomar's fidgety batting routine. Yeah, Nomar's still in baseball. Good ol' Steve Finley, who had a thing he did with his hair & his cap multiple times every at-bat, isn't.

It's the Phillies I'm liking.

You need to have somebody you're rooting for. It's no fun otherwise.

(You could put that on my gravestone, if I were going to have one.) (Did y'all see the local gravestone story?)

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