'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

2nd Obama-thatotherguy debate

A real snoozer. It was all I could do not to switch to "Cheaters." I'm glad I stuck around, though, cuz the best part was at the very end: everybody in the "town hall" audience wanting to get their pictures taken with Barack Obama. He and Michelle made their ways around the bleacher sections shaking hands and exchanging words, and people were just beaming at him, and all tickled to be standing next to his Presidential self, or next to her, or to get in there between the two of them. McCain musta left the arena pretty quickly, and I thank him for it. I support his decision on that.

This scene went on for a while on ABC before they went to commercial. MSNBC kept it in half a split screen for a bit after that, but then they went to commercial too. Pretty soon everybody except C-SPAN had all talking heads---and poor Fox, when I stopped by there just to see, was showing a repeat clip of the little bit of McCain handshaking he got in before leaving. Meanwhile C-SPAN just kept going and going with it, the dapper, calm, grinning guy, and all those citizens looking like they think they're getting their pictures taken with the President. I sat enjoying that until he finally left the room, a good 15 minutes later, maybe more.

I'm not usually like that about celebs, but I woulda been that way too, if I'd been there. Beaming. If he does become President, he'll let me down in myriad ways, no doubt; he's already been a real disappointment in some. Yet his election, I'm convinced, if it happens, will be more to me than (the tremendous) relief that the reins are out of the hands of the Republicans. I intend to allow myself a good measure of giddiness about it, if it happens, like I'm allowing myself a measure of giddiness tonight, at the way those people were acting like they think it's gonna.
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