'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Sunday wanes.

Dreamed yesterday morning I was on the phone with somebody and she was telling me the latest on this thing about this couple, who don't live together, one of whom every morning calls up the other to ask for the phlegm report--- a description of what the one called has hacked up that morning. This most recent time Denny (the one called) had said nothing really came up, it was too sticky, but, when pressed, had admitted to having a little something in his mouth. Another hack and it was revealed to be small, lumpy, and an ugly dark orange.

I was at the sink myself while hearing this news, remembering that the last time I'd gotten word of the latest such word I was looking at my very white walls with their rectangles of hanging art in primary colors (which I saw in my mind in the dream, in an abstract fuzzy flashback focus). When I awoke I thought I had had an earlier dream with this relaying of the couple's phlegm report, but now I think I might have been thrown off, & maybe it was a memory within the dream, not a recurring dream element. And I kinda hope it wasn't. The distant phlegm report is off-putting enough without being a touchstone for my subconscious.

Mainly the dream bit strikes me as having multiple layers of being removed from the action, removed from the people. Even removed from the person I'm talking about the people with, the disembodied voice, such as she is.

Denny was a nickname of my first serious gf, but I can't make anything of that.

Got a fair amount of housecleaning done today. It's the day I skipped the voter registering and didn't make the bowling thing either but did drink some wine, get some ideas for painting the bathroom, have some odd kissing. Now it's just one more walk of the neighbor dog to go for the day. The rest is lazing about.

Turns out there is a sort of conspiracy about certain TV DVDs, I found out from the guy at Hollywood Video. Showtime and Blockbuster have deals with the Weinsteins; all the video outlets but Blockbuster have to pay full retail for Weinstein Co. discs. The deals seem to explain the problem with availability at Netflix.

As Blockbuster Chairman and CEO John Antioco put it in 2007, "Bob and Harvey Weinstein are legendary producers whose movies have long been customer favorites at Blockbuster. As evidenced by our recent introduction of Blockbuster Total Access(TM), Blockbuster is always looking for ways to give our customers the products and services they want -- and can't find any place else -- and this agreement will enable us to do just that. Now, as the exclusive rental provider, we'll be the only place, in-store and online, that can guarantee customers a wide selection of The Weinstein Company films available for rent."

Then this summer Showtime shook hands with Weinstein, and that's what happened there. "The whole purpose of these discussions," to hear Showtime Chairman and CEO Matt Blank tell it, "has been to make sure we have the resources available to keep producing new and original programming. Theatrical films are still very important, though the price-value relationship was out of whack. Fully loaded, the [Weinstein] deal will cost us half of what we were paying historically for films."

Harvey himself offered these salient observations: "This long-term strategic partnership is a tremendous initiative for our company and provides our films with a critically important pay-tv home for the next seven years. Showtime is one of the hottest brands in television and we have tremendous respect for Matt Blank and his team's passion, dedication and creativity. In this changing media environment, we are thrilled to have now secured distribution for our films across a variety of media, and we look forward to continuing to build our diverse slate and creating movies that will entertain Showtime's audience."

They talk funny in Hollywood.
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