'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

trash was out then

picked up sticks then

not near wet enough

i got the loppers out of the garage, thinking to cut back a little further into the junipers, but getting a trash can from next to the compost cart i saw the hedge, started lopping there. it's not the right tool for the job, but that was alright. made it slower going, which was the point. sports bra and shorts and these funny blue boat shoes lamont envied, that was a one-off, lamont admiring my footwear. i got wetter, everything got more richly its color.

thought on the hedge clippers in "the crow road," which i watched all of yesterday, as it was due back at the library today, only now suddenly it's not. does that happen to you? i liked those hedgeclippers the grandmother had. the scene in the tree pushed credibility, how they had her perched there just so, and we were to take it she'd thrown off her cane & climbed up. but then our hero fetched her those big hedge scissors. nothing personal, bert, but the power zzzshhrrrrrrrrzzrrzzrrrr thing just isn't the same.

i need some wd-40. "would you like some hedge clippers with that?" "why, yes, i would, thank you."

thought on un-shy neighbor's drop-by the other day. she'd asked what kind of tree this is. "it's a lilac bush," i told her, as her youngest tugged on a branch. "i'm going to trim it. tia susan said i could cut it back up to a third."

"well you can't trust everything tia susan says," she replied.

i thought of that several times, and variously, as the pokey fronds fell at my feet.

i also couldn't help but notice a peace i was suspended in.

manny thinks i smell very interesting.

oh, it's just pouring now. pouring and pouring.
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