'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

all-weekend rain

sure is humid here, in the ongoing rain. days of it now. not real hot, but so wet in the air, after that drought this summer. the pages of every book i have out are swollen, the covers of the paperbacks curling up to half-open. foggy-feeling moist. go in some air-conditioned building, or just run defrost in the car, & when you come into the air as it is on its own, yer glasses cloud right up. denim weighs twice what it usually does. everything's thick with it.

only when the occasional breeze meets with my bare skin is it interrupted, and only then for a few inches, for a few seconds.

it's picking up a little now, the pace & the sound, the size of the drops. the quantity of water from the sky. set aside other notions of next, i'm thinking, and move the body into the midday gray and green, and get drenched in it.

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