'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

everybodyspace, nobodyspace

I've taken a decision: it won't be womonspace for me this weekend. I was gonna be getting in free, too, on the gate list as a featured poet, so effectively getting $40 worth of lesbians in exchange for 20 minutes of poetry. (That's $2 of lesbians a minute.)

Various factors have combined to comprise my sad choice. I'm not picking the (likely) more fun option; let me hereby note my hope that, next dilemma, I go with potential fun. This pick, as I suspected it might be, is already a bit depressing, and I'm gonna have to take some care not to exascerbate that.

One reason to stay here is that it'll give me a chance to get started with a freelance project about to come my way. Boring, but the $$ will add up. That bit of income, plus a sort of allowance I have already (from my workplace), will form the better part of my new computer fund. I'm also going to include in it the pennies I've been rolling (about $15), some crazy extra $$ I get from some crazy extra-$$ project I haven't thought of yet, and all the imaginary Money I Might Have Spent in Ohio this weekend. So I can pretty much get whatever computer I want. When they start taking imaginary money at the computer store. And/or when I decide don't care how much debt I want to saddle myself with for it.

Alas & woe, as I called the email to Joanna telling her I'm not coming.

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