'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I was just going to link ya'll...

...to this interview Amy Goodman did with Jon Stewart, but now I see that, as part of the crackdown on protests surrounding the Republican's convention, they've arrested Amy Goodman. Waiting for the video to load now.

In the context of the government cracking down on peaceful protestors with force, it's harder to laugh at the picture queerbychoice just posted showing the new veep nominee illustrating the concept, after a fashion.

And here I was all bubbly up cuzza having had a good day, grilled tempeh & all, the main news I'd heard being that levees were holding and Palin's teenaged daughter is pregnant and not married. Which is great news except for the part about, like, the daughter possibly wanting not to have the baby.

Maud. What the hell---- the pigs. What was she ostensibly arrested for? I'm talking about Amy Goodman again. I was just trying to wrap my head around the house raid on the place the I-Witness Video people were staying. They're "copwatchers"--- turning the tables of public surveillance on law enforcement. "Major" media suck. Google News doesn't even show this counter-protest activity on its first stock browse page.

And tomorrow is the new year. May there be something new in it involving the replacement of some in power with some we have reason to hope might bring about real improvements in the quality of life of the not-rich in this country.

My 9 year-old friend is voting Obama all the way. And he was a Hillary supporter, but he's all Barack now. In fact he was telling us how much he likes Weird Al, and he said Weird Al is his second-favorite in the whole world, behind only Barack Obama.

Obama today in Detroit: "I believe it's important to have a president who doesn't choke on the word 'union.' And I believe we have to have a Department of Labor that believes in labor."

Clearly a whack-o leftist on the fringe, this guy. And an elitist one, at that.
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