'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

She was a good one, and an important one.

Thanks, Del. Thanks, Phyllis, too. Thanks to you both.

Del Martin, who died today, and Phyllis Lyon, her partner, are heroes. I could make sentences about their strength, and what pioneers they were, and how, though I can't imagine what it was like for them in those early days, it's absolutely worthwhile, and important, to try. But my head just keeps going back to their love for each other, all those years, and their being that iconic couple. They lived to be two old ladies getting married---and, in doing so, moving even people, like me, who think marriage is a crock. They came to represent, through that very love for each other, in its inherent dignity, the simple human desire that (the queer part of) their political lives did so much to help make more okay with more people, more okay for more people.

We've come so far, partly because of them, that we have the luxury of the option of being ignorant ingrates about what they did for us. They're practically ancient history, in lesbian politics in this country, and that's a great thing. That's a great thing.

It might break me up to share what Phyllis said today, at the beginning of the outliving, so instead I'll send you to this post by Kate Kendell, of the Nat'l Center for Lesbian Rights, who was a friend. Good pictures there, too.

Rest in peace, oh paver of the way, lighter of the path, blazer of the trail, foremother, crone, fellow.

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