'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

car wash, yeah

Took the car through a car wash this evening. Wished it could be some baptism of renewal, but it did at least wash dusty dirt off the car. And sometimes it's fun just to go through those things. Maybe not as fun as when you use it as an opportunity to make out, when there's somebody you make out with in the car, too, but still fun. An odd little treat. Couldn't do it when the headlight was busted up.

The payment I just made means the car's now 1/3 mine. I somehow managed to get a 7-year loan on a used car. 7 freakin' years. I should live so long. And if I do, will the car have done so as well? That'd be nice.

Of all the stuff I was pondering writing about here this weekend, this is what I come up with.

I do want a baptism. None seems available to me. Maybe cuz I also don't want any kind of baptism I know about.

The temporary population of this berg is returning; my university town begins its annual swelling. I admit a certain curmudgeonly regard for these beings whose business here is essential for much of what I like about living here. Does that make them a cross to bear? Theologians, ring in.

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