'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Dare to care?

(It's just a thought.)

Another night I was telling myself I'd go to bed early, but here I am.

Seems as if it's big times in the lives of some folks I know. Transitions of significance, milestones, stocktaking decisions. Fitting for the end of summer. Tonight I feel lucky not to have so much to cope with, versus pitiful for what I have to cope with, or for having nothing in particular I'm coping with. Dumb luck to feel this way, too. It's the moon, or the hormones, or the what have you. And it will surely pass, perhaps all too soon.

The new Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, gets my thumbs up. I can tell you more about that if you like. And guess what? New Coen Bros soon. The trailer'll whet your appetite, I bet.

Love that Frances McD.

Tried to go to the gym yesterday, forgetting we've gotten to the two weeks it's closed every year, doing its own end-of-summer thing. When I saw the sign in the parking lot, I realized how badly I'd wanted to be in that weight room. More than usual. Wanted to feel physically stronger.

But I'll tell you what: I value my weakness, too. Not in the likes of my arms and legs---weakness of other kinds. Can make for serious rewards. Is essential to some.

I was sure staring at that diagram of the muscles, though, in the Red Cross training book today.

[muscle chart]

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