'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"well, the house is cleaner," said i.

and "hunh," i thought. "maybe i am a little bright-side now & then." ha. but there is that.

and people have been reporting they liked that chris willie song. that feels good.

but i did have a little trauma of sorts today. of the somewhat assaultive variety. the assaultive variety? hmm. interesting. not sure how to say it; not sure how i feel. well, sure of some of how i feel. maybe not so sure what i think.

no, it wasn't the guy i went out with a couple of times. yeah, i recently went out with a guy a couple of times. don't tell anybody.

ha ha.

i think i'm done going out with him. i haven't established that between us, but i think it's increasingly established with me.

but that's neither here nor there. or it might be there, depending where you mean by there. i don't suppose we have an established "there" here.

funny, that reminds me of a poem i wrote while i was living in gertrude stein's former residence. in the style of gertrude. alas, it's likely lost to history, unless it's somehow in a box in the basement, but i think it may have been recorded only in email. it was inspired by realizing how i had sat and shat where she sat and shat; wordplay ensued. cracked my own self up with it. "shat" was all over that little poem. it used only a handful of words, too, just rearranged a lot.

a shell game. but not really. or not only.

i just picked the avengers icon for this post. the avengers were (are?) the avengers, and all very well and good, but it would be cool if there were superhero lesbian avengers who'd get the red cunt signal in the sky, or whatever it would be, and come swooping into your world whenever needed, and take care of things. wouldn't it?

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