'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

seize me

i'm thinking of that song "squeeze me, just don't tease me," but don't have it in me to do a good subject line with it. the boss is going on a coffee run any minute now, she promised. maybe that'll help my brain.

i woke up this morning all clenched up. my jaw was locked up tight---that was the most dramatic part of it. shoulders all hard and high. it wasn't particularly cold last night. maybe my dreams did it. anyhow it meant a firm headache this morning. nauseously intense. having a hard time unclenching.

did drag my ass into work, late. and now i just clicked through this website of miranda july's that CAW sent me to, and that was good. penetrated the stunned feeling. she has a short film in this disc of short "eclectic" things i just watched & liked some of a lot, including that one.

hey, last night McG and i jumped vjsmom, via speakerphone, into the Sisterhood of the Traveling Renelle Zegweglerers. we're a devout group of failures to appreciate the actress whose name shall always be, in our one holy practice, spoken only as "Renelle Zegwegler."

try saying it aloud. the accents are on "nelle" and "zeg"; "zegweg" rhymes with "peg leg."

it flows off the tongue much better, there's no denying. and somehow it is implicitly disrespectful of the actress at the same time, despite improving how she is known (insofar as improving by what name she is known).

contact me if you wish to undertake a novitiate with us. or just begin the practice in the privacy of your own vocabulary.

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