'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

in our stars, in our selves

The poet Frank O'Hara, born in 1957, made many references in his work to his being a Cancer. He preferred our being called "Cancer," vs. "moon children," too. I liked reading that. Had a little something tough in it. Good for you, skinny little gay painting-loving Cancer poet. You drink a lot, too, don't you, Frank. You see the edges.

He lived his whole life a Cancer. He liked dates, too, and commemorations of them, and even did numerology stuff around significant dates, like his birthday. But now we know his parents lied, to him and everyone else, not wanting his out-of-wedlock conception known to family and social circles; he was in fact born three months before the birthday he always thought was his.

Was he not every bit as much a Cancer as any of us, if not perhaps even moreso than most?
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