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susanstinson "sauteed some zucchini with onions and garlic for tortellini and put raspberry balsamic vinegar and toasted pecans on some green beans." I went to the cheesesteak place in Ypsi.

I could explode or die of boredom, and I now see how these impressions can coexist.

Alright, "boredom" is the wrong word, but it's the closest I can bear to get right now. Out loud. And maybe otherwise.

"Both the irreverent and the sincere congratulate themselves, and they have the sin of pride in common. Both can be feigned, and both depend on the eye of the beholder."  -- Mary Ruefle

"Irreverence and sincerity are both forms of exaggeration."  -- Mary Ruefle there, too

or include the rest of the sentence:
"Irreverence and sincerity are both forms of exaggeration, yet Paul Gaugin maintained there is no such thing as exaggerated art."  -- still her

My belly keeps getting catscratched cuzza it's summer & when they climb me and I've not got a shirt on, I end up looking like some kids used me as construction paper to their pink & red magic markers. Which isn't so bad, compared to the occasional combo of cat hair and sweat, with some hair sticking to me and some still managing to go up my nose.

Dear sweet Lunestra, we haven't met, but I've heard tell of you from friends you've lulled away for hours. I'm fat, gray-haired, wear glasses, like most pets, and enjoy good conversation but can shut up while we get to business. (Just imagining that's what you might like, from what I've heard). Shoot me a message if you're interested.  P.S. You have a lovely name.

(I know, Lunestra's pretty busy and probably won't see this message. But you never know.)

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