'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

What if man could live underwater without any special equipment?

Today's verse is taken from the younger sibling in my high school chemistry teacher's family, which had converted to Mormonism. I choose it for today's homily because, instead of mowing the yard, I went swimming, whereupon I remembered her words.

I became privy to the young woman's conjecture when me and some other snot-nosed smartasses, obnoxiously enough, read her journal. This journal was an ongoing class assignment; left unsupervised with the stack of composition books, we'd decided her goody-two-shoes air was sufficient justification for our seeing what she'd written and laughing at it. Thus I have to offer to you the now age-old question. And what if man could live underwater without any special equipment?

Find what inspiration in it you will. There's wisdom all around, if you're of a mind to see it. But you still won't be able to breathe underwater.

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