'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's Friday.

Been a long time comin'.

Failed attempt at coworker karaoke last night. We even trekked to two possible alternate establishments for warbling, after the wrap party for the crew of this movie that was shooting in town crammed the intended venue with gaffers & best boys. Calendar gods tell us there's one more chance to try again before disclaimerwill leaves town again.

Got a voicemail just before going out for not-karaoke that I haven't listened to yet. Avoidant. Yikes. Like that. But I'm owning it, if you can stand that expression.

Have some library things due tonight. So kinda out-of-it sleepy I'm likely to forget. Seems like a lot to accomplish, going home, retrieving items, taking them in, going back home, making some supper.

Good weekend, everybody.

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