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I'm back. At work, in regular life, etc. And it feels pretty good. There are cats to let be glad to see me, things to read for money, tunes to hear, aches to ache, Netflix to catch up with, fears to deal variously well with, a refrigerator to restock, and, it turns out, "recess" at work to attend in a few minutes.

Maybe more pictures later, but here are some subway-related ones from NYC.

Ethan Levitas subway car
detail, from one image in Untitled/This is just to say by Ethan Levitas

Moments before I took this next shot, the father & daughters, who'd gotten on at Times Square, were looking pretty excited & wide-eyed giggly giddy about New York. But seconds before I took it, a guy making his way through the trains rattling a cup of change had passed by, and they were transformed. Made me think I may have seen them see the first such fellow they'd ever.

tourists, aghast

(The girl in the middle's pink shirt is an "I ♥ NY" one, which you could see clearly before she slumped, aghast.)

New Yorkers, however, were just bored:

bored NYers

Like, really bored:

even more bored NYers

One more from underground:

transit worker & O

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