'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

clean as you go

Did some tree trimming yesterday, chopping up the branches as I went, using squirrelykat's method to maximize how much I could get into my new municipal compost cart. Picked black raspberries today.

A few years ago, in my anger and frustration, I was nearly overcome by the desire to chop down, dig up, mow over & wipe out everything growing in the back yard except the trees. Radical eradication. (2 words from the same root, which means "root.") If it would have taken only thought to do it, or a snap of the fingers, I'd have done it. Glad now that it would have taken more, and that along with the anger & frustration I never also had the drive to reap that particular destruction. Cuz now there are berries. Low-maintenance, hardy, forgiving berries.

It's been beautifully mild for mid-July, this weekend. Last night, in fact, the predicted rainstorms fizzled, and it was a good night to sit with a cluster of folks at tables on a sidewalk and drink 4 ten-dollar martinis (all different flavors). The configuration of people there---for going-away drinks w/O at Felix---went through several permutations. And most of the attendees I could talk to. Lazy casual.

Just realized that sound in the other room is O doing dishes that I had intended to get to tonight. Then she's gonna cook.

When I'm on my own here again soon, I must try my hand at this regular taking the time to care about things like dinner. Of course with nobody going to 104-degree yoga nearly daily, there won't be the handy frequent laundry imperative that's dramatically reduced my backlog of tertiary laundry (laundry of not even secondary importance) & kept me in clean everything.

There's a bluejay hanging at the feeder tonight. Pal EJ calls bluejays "hateful" birds. Their rep is all about bad behavior in terms of coexisting with others.

I smell rice.

Chatty the Cardinal's at the feeder now. BlueJay is sitting on the branch above, calling out. Chatty chirps her simple tweet; Jay bleats. Then they fly off, and I sit and stare, and now the sun's finally down, and the fireflies are coming out. And dinner is served.

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